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War Zone in Montreal April 20th 2012

Hello everyone and thx for taking a few minutes to read this article that i wrote 2 days after the battle that took place in Montreal April 20th 2012 …

When i got at the palais des congrès in Montreal for the protest against Plan Nord i never thought it would get that nasty so fast.

When i got at the main door some people were able to get inside and disturb the salon plan nord and there is nothing wrong there , the police rushed inside to kick them out but problem the riot squad had to get inside and there was another group outside yelling , chanting slogan, standing peacefully in front of the doors to prevent the riot team to get in but no one was violent or trying to push them away it was smooth as far that i know….

Problem when the riot squad got in one of the riot squad unit decided to shoot a powder bullet in someones face 3 feet in front of the riot squad member , the guy who received the projectile was stunt but everything is ok with him 😉

From there things just went coconuts , people got mad at the police and if i take a second and go back in the context i understand and approve everything that was done on the 20th of April…. ill explain my vision of a war zone !

15 minutes after the incident Montreal as turn into a battle zone, police shooting flash bang i stopped counting after 15 , rubber bullets, smoke bomb, paint ball to target people so if your painted in the colour of the paint ball they arrest people further on the street , baton , grenade …..On the other side the protester were having rocks, plywood, bricks, name they had it because there is a few construction site around the palais des congrès :S

During the even i decided to follow directly in the crowd to get the feeling of whats really behind peoples mind and what i came across it wasn’t hatred it was pain !

Pain of getting rob, lack of government judgement on many issue, the student high tuition , giving away all the natural resources to force Quebec to depend on the rest of Canada to survive, we have only 3% of our natural resources left how the hell you build an economy without resources ? taxation and consuming nothing else forcing you to do overtime and borough more money to keep consuming ….

Many media kept saying it was the student who were aggressive , it’s not student who organize the event but yes there was some but most of them were regular citizen piss at the government …

I saw a few things that will stay in my mind for ever , when people ran after the police canary unit i was speechless to see the police running away and not just the regular police even the riot squad retreated and called back up ( The Provincial Police SQ ) … seeing police getting injured like i saw was exceptional and totally out of a Hollywood movie…

As for the protester they keep walking in circle around the palais des congrès for 5 hours with the riot squad on our back all the time, they chased us around downtown later on with an helicopter ….

Everything in the end was trigger by the government it self not the people , not the police neither , the gov push people to bash each other and during that time they pass laws, bills, cut in services and so on and the people instead of being able to speak up their voice they get beat up, arrested , the police is into full repression , brutality both side even if the cops are guilty of most of it….

It brings me to this question : is it normal citizen get mad and ”violent” is it normal that people get tired to be played like we are getting played by our government Quebec, Canada, USA, UK ….. every country are doing it to their people and when the people get piss the media say we are radical, violent, teenager, looter and blablabla but the main cause all comes from the government !

In the end what can i say i got my self involved so much that i would never be able to stop fighting for a change for a better world for us human, i believe that every single one of us needs to teach the mass to stop believing in the main stream media and to start to inform them on the issue , images of protest , more explanation then MSM ….

Now its an info war going on not a war zone i don’t believe it will be won in the street but in peoples head with knowledge 😉

remember that all the people in the mass against us are our brother , sisters, father, mother ….. we have to respect their choice at the moment even if it hurts we need to understand in the end its not their fault our society as turn in to a control freak zone and its up to us people awake to pass the word even if they don’t like to hear things who cares say it in a proper manner 😉

Saturday April 21st 2012, the protest lasted 15 minutes and arrested 90 people probably its a revenge from their friday where the Montreal police got pushed back like never before and the image of the police everyone knows needs to be strong but sadly it as to stop because they are not strong we give them the impression they are great, dangerous, serious….. that’s fear telling us that not logic !!

After going through all those protest i can assure one thing fear is the basic issue with the protester nothing else, you don’t need to be radical to face the police its all about you !

What I’m trying to say in this article is that i believe more then ever a change can occur and its up to the people to stand together no matter the public opinion keep your integrity to the cause your supporting and keep fighting one day will have the public opinion on our side and will change this planet into a peaceful place so everyone can finally live in harmony .

Peace,Love and prosperity to everyone 😉Montreal protest April 21st 2012

War zone in Montréal April 20th 2012 – Zone de combat Montréal 20 Avril 2012