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Discours Marc-André Cyr Manif 22 Août 2012


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Speaking with the police…

La brigrade urbaine vole un mégaphone- Police stealing megaphone

The Love Police Montreal: Raising funds

Hello, we are Eric Bouthillette and Mathieu Thellend. Our Comminity, the ”Anti Terror Squad of Montreal”, is raising funds to purchase audio visual equipment (cameras, microphones etc.) and finance a documentary focused on activism in Quebec.

Before the student movement even began to build speed, we were already in the street trying to awaken our fellow Canadians. With our absurd humour and sarcasm, we’ve targeted streets, banking institutions and government buildings. Our goal first and foremost is to inform people about ‘taboo’ subjects like war, worldwide poverty, the international political crisis etc.

The Love Police Montréal needs yours support to finance different projects to come. As you can imagine, the government won’t purchase equipment for us to follow our dream!

As an Independant media, we will continue to cover different events happening in Montreal and familiarizing the public with issues that touch us as individuals and a member of the human race